Leadership is an Intervention: Managing Critical Conversations

From Jan 22 2024 1:00 pm until Mar 11 2024 1:45 pm
At Webinar

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* Each session will be recorded and available on demand to registrants. Handouts will be provided prior to each session.
* Each session is 45 minutes, Held from 1:00—1:45 pm central or On-Demand once the recording is available.

If you've been a leader for more than five minutes you know that people problems are the biggest problems. Leaders have an obligation to confront unwanted behavior that crushes productivity, destroys morale and can push your best people out the door. Jammed with proven ideas, words and methods, this program delivers actionable tactics to reduce stress & conflict between leaders and employees. Discover how to effectively deal with conflict. Confront people with courage. This practical and enjoyable program blends real world solutions, with insight, clarity and wit. Specific words and phrases you should and shouldn’t use.  Learn how to confront bosses when they demonstrate unwanted behavior. 

Instructor: John Graci, Graci Leadership Solutions

Who Should Attend:  Healthcare leaders who want to become more assertive in approaching unwanted behavior.


  • If you are not coaching - you are allowing it!
  • You work for the job - the job does not work for you!
  • People do not change unless the reward or consequence is great enough!
  • To be unclear with a team member is to be unkind to the team member!
  • You can’t solve - you can’t fix what you do not understand!


  • Approach team member about the problem behavior in a way that minimizes accusations, hostility, & defensiveness!
  • Ways to repair damaged relationships - at work, at home, with anyone! 
  • Meet conflict and disagreement head - on and reach a mutual understanding 
  • What it takes to keep your own cool - and prevent others from losing theirs!
  • Coach the team member - so there's no chance of misunderstanding 

January 22, 2024

  • Session I – Confronting Problem Team Members - Learn down-to-earth tactics to derail problem behavior. Address the issue directly and focus on behavior

January 29, 2024

  • Session 2 – Coaching Team Members Through Mistakes - Identify the main reasons team members do not perform as expected. Offer constructive feedback

February 5, 2024

  • Session 3 – Disarming Annoying Behaviors - How to meet conflict and disagreement head on. Ways to repair damaged relationships

February 12, 2024

  • Session 4 – Communicating Hot Buttons - Create a shared understanding of what is expected. Hold team members accountable

February 26, 2024

  • Session 5 – Dealing with Change Resistance - Communicate unpopular changes. Learn a method to confront team members resisting change

March 4, 2024

  • Session 6 – Conducting Performance Discussions - Getting team members involved. Learn a technique where you listen, and team members do all the talking

March 11, 2024

  • Session 7 – Resolving the Most Difficult Situations in the Workplace - Addressing the most common situations leaders will be asked to resolve. Balancing the most difficult situations with tact and diplomacy

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All registrants will receive course information, connection details, & any materials prior to the session. All registrants will receive the webinar recording following the event.

Registration Fees:

Medi-Sota Members: $90 per person

Non-Medi-Sota Members: $300 per person

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