Medi-Sota, Inc. is a non-profit healthcare consortium of 33 rural health care providers in Minnesota. 

Medi-Sota provides the following services to members:

1. Education

  • A minimum of 40 educational programs offered per year (at least 12 for ancillary depts., other than nursing). Staff may attend most programs AT NO CHARGE. (A reduced rate is charged to members for specialty/emergency type training, such as ACLS/ALSO/TNCC, etc.)
  • Media Library with On-Demand videos available for member access for educational purposes.
  • Our education program continues to include training for staff to remain compliant with regulatory agencies. (Example: HIPAA, OSHA, MPCA, MDH etc.) A variety of trainers have provided education at ancillary meetings, including but not limited to: OT/PT (APTA/MOTA updates and procedure in-services), Insurance and Billing Personnel (Claims management/Collection training), Pharmacy Directors (USP 797 & 340B Compliance), MPCA training and/or hazardous waste training, Generator Maintenance/Safety training for Maintenance Engineers, and Regulatory and Policy Updates for HR Personnel

2. Recruitment

  • Recruitment services for participating members require no up-front fees to utilize the program. Fees are invoiced upon placement. Positions include Physicians, Specialists, Advanced Practice Nursing Positions, Physician Assistant, Allied Health Professionals, and High  Level Management. Fees are assessed only when a placement has been made.

3. Networking and Member Service

  • Share ideas and identify areas that are important to our facilities; identify and share common interests. Look for opportunities to advocate for members.
  • Various surveys and data collection for potential group projects.
  • Play an active role in expressing positions to local, state and federal elected officials, agencies and associations regarding important health care issues and legislation affecting our region.
  • Ancillary department networking meetings include standard agenda items such as compliance and cost-savings efforts.
  • Six administrator meetings per year and an annual planning retreat are held for the Board of Directors. Bi-monthly meetings are coordinated for the nursing administrators.
  • Website at is available for easy access to meeting & workshop calendars, as well as on-demand education videos and an online shared documents portal.

4. Cost Savings

  • Preferred Vendor Contracts and/or discounted rates are negotiated for members upon request such as: Business Office Resources, Staff and Patient Evidenced Based Resources and Education, Facility Management Services, Grant Resources, Health Information Services, Mobile Solutions, Telecommunication and Network Resources, Equipment, Consulting, Waste Management Solutions, and Clinical Support Services.
  • Medi-Sota offers flexibility.  While we work with a number of vendors, no contracts or services are mandatory.    Members may choose the services that best meet their needs while also benefitting from other affiliations and organizations within the region without having to choose one organization over another.

Annual dues of $5,000 are assessed quarterly at $1,250 per quarter.  Typically education fees saved and group discounts far exceed the dues.  Contact the Medi-Sota office for details and questions.