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Office Management Through Communication
Learn how to keep harmony, promote ideas, soothe tensions, and empower your team.  Are your meetings feeling more and more like bailing out a sinking canoe? Do you feel like your instructions and feedback are falling on deaf ears? If you are spending most of your time fixing communication misunderstandings and mitigating arguments, you have a leadership communication problem. Many leaders strive to keep harmony in their team but miss out on opportunities to promote ideas; soothe tensions; and empower their teams to speak up, take responsibility, and take action. This topic will give you the tools you need to achieve all three.
Instructor: Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC
Runtime: 90 minutes
(CE’s: ASAP PACE 1.0 - IAAP 1.5)
How To Deal With Clashing Coworkers
Learn how to identify conflict between employees and discover effective ways to resolve workplace disputes.  Employee conflict costs organizations money, morale, and productivity. A rise in absenteeism and turnover is a likely sign that an organization is suffering from unresolved conflict. This topic will teach you how to handle conflict caused by the tasks of the job and relationships with coworkers. Learn how to evaluate the seriousness of the conflict and how to appropriately intervene. In addition, the role of emotional intelligence, confronting employees in conflict, and dealing with common issues of conflict at all levels of the organization will be considered.
Instructor: Bob Churilla, Conflict Resolution Professionals Group
Runtime: 63 Minutes
(CE’s: HRCI 1.0-SHRM 1.0)
Strategies for Controlling Your Emotions in High-Pressure Situations
Learn to be a better communicator in the workplace by listening and engaging with employees and co-workers.  In today's global and fast-paced business environment, managers and leaders are continually bombarded with demanding situations requiring them to actively monitor their responses to stress. Research suggests that leaders with a skill set higher in social and emotional intelligence (SEI) competencies are more successful than their counterparts by actively implementing SEI strategies at work. Training and development interventions directed on increasing SEI appear to be effective in improving emotional competence in the workplace as well as overall work performance. You'll learn how to be more self-aware and use SEI to your advantage when communicating in the workplace.
Instructor: Donna Schmid, Ph.D., LCSW, True Potential Coaching and Consulting
Runtime: 64 Minutes
(CE’s: ASAP PACE 0.1 - IAAP 1.0 - HRCI 1.0 - SHRM 1.0)
Recruiting Mistakes Every Company Makes and How to Fix Them
Understand the benefits of a proper hiring process and avoid the common mistakes recruiters make as well as how to prevent them.  We are currently living in a very competitive world when it comes to finding and recruiting the best candidate for the job. However, many recruiters make common mistakes as they rush through the hiring process in order to prevent the candidate from working for competitors. With the low unemployment rates in today's competitive environment, it is important to ensure the candidate experience is a positive one so the candidate wants to work for your company rather than with the competitors. Candidates no longer tolerate lags or red flags anywhere in the process. Applications must be quick, seamless, and painless. If recruitment does not work well for the candidate, they will go elsewhere. This topic will assist you in understanding the benefits of a proper hiring process. It will also show you common mistakes recruiters make as well as how to prevent those mistakes. Lastly, it will show you how to fix common mistakes when they do occur and how to save the candidate from a negative experience.
Instructor: Jackie A. Sexson
Runtime: 89 minutes
(CE’s: ASA 1.25 - HRCI 1.5 - SHRM 1.25)
OSHA's National Emphasis Program Guide
Learn about NEP issues and how to effectively manage these inspections and avoid penalties.  OSHA has more than a dozen National Emphasis Programs (NEPs) currently in effect, including the controversial COVID-19 NEP. More changes to the NEP programs are on the way as OSHA assumes new leadership in 2021. These are the priority 'programmed' inspections and can also trigger concurrent site-specific targeting program inspections that are 'wall-to-wall' instead of being limited in scope to the hazards relating to the NEP. Employers need to be aware of which NEPs cover their workplaces, when the programs will expire, how they are enforced, and which standards are covered by them. This material will address the most significant NEP issues and offer sound advice on how to effectively manage these inspections and avoid penalties of up to $136,532 per violation.
Instructor: Adele L. Abrams, Esq., CMSP, Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C.
Runtime: 82 minutes
(CE’s: HRCI 1.25 - SHRM - 1.25)
Work Injuries in the Health Care Field
Learn how to minimize injuries in the health care field as well as how to handle an injury if one should occur.  Many hospitals and health care providers have locations in multiple states. Each state has its own approach for employers when dealing with claims filed by their employees. Some states have very unique handling of multiple aspects of workers' compensation claims. One of the most prominent features is that some states have enacted legislation for handling of COVID-19 claims by creating a 'rebuttable presumption' on employers for 'essential employees,' which include those employed in the health care and nursing industry. This topic will help those responsible for providing workers' compensation benefits in the health care and nursing industry. While every claim should be viewed on a case-by-case basis, this material will explore the methodical litigation process applied throughout various states workers' compensation statutes. This information will assist risk management and claims professionals with understanding how to analyze, evaluate, and ultimately attempt to resolve claims in a manner which reduces exposure for employers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.
Instructor: Nicolas B. Pedone, Rawle & Henderson LLP
Runtime: 62 minutes
(CE’s: HRCI 1.0 - SHRM - 1.0)
Fundamentals of an Employee Recognition Program
Learn the importance of a well-implemented employee recognition program to help your organization succeed.  Recognition is the #1 thing employees say their managers could do better. Although companies spend billions of dollars on employee engagement and recognition each year, only 34% of American employees are engaged. This topic will help you understand recognition best practices as well as the foundational elements to create a recognition strategy that moves the needle in employee engagement and your bottom line. The material also explains the top goals for employee recognition and the psychology behind why it's so important for your organization.
Instructor: R. Scott Russell, CRP, C.A. Short Company
Runtime:  58 minutes
(CE’s: HRCI 1.0)
Powerful Productivity Strategies
Learn how to take back control of your day and get the most important work done.  Do you have too many tasks and competing priorities? Are you scheduled in back-to-back meetings? Do you find yourself multitasking and getting less and less done? 'Powerful Productivity Strategies' offers you the skills and mindset processes that will enable you to make the most of the time you have. Learn how to take back control of your day and get the most important work done. The skills presented are time-tested and proven to make a difference. This material will explore how our thinking gets in our way and review practical tools to create your personalized system of getting work done.
Instructor: Patricia J. Hutchings, Unique Perspectives Un-Limited, Inc.
Runtime: 59 minutes
(CE’s: IAAP 1.0)