Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relationships: A Guide to Effective Communication


Guide and empower nurses to develop effective nurse-physician relationships—relationships that foster patient safety and mutual respect. Offers strategies to avoid disconnects and animosity. Filled with field-tested, how to strategies, tips, and advice, nurses will learn how to take control of negative situations and be a true advocate for their patient.


  • Understand why some physicians behave negatively
  • Know their role in the negative cycle that keeps nurses and physicians at odds
  • Recognize communication techniques to prevent or stop bad behavior from occurring, such as using the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) tool to empower nurses to state their needs and opinions
  • Implement strategies to turn common communication problems like disagreements over discharge orders into opportunities
  • Diffuse highly emotional situations
  • Take the right steps to achieve mutual respect
  • Implement strategies to turn common communication breakdowns into opportunities
  • Confront physician counterparts effectively and professionally
  • Understand the nurse manager's role in fostering healthy nurse-physician communication and relationships
  • Create collaborative working relationships and a safe environment for patient care



Length:  23 Minutes


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