Effectively managing a patient's length of stay may be a case manager's biggest challenge. Hospitals can lose thousands of dollars per day in reimbursement for prolonged stays that are not medically necessary.

Beyond the financial impact is the toll on patients and their families. Case managers must also balance the patient's and family's best interests and prepare patients to move through the care continuum as quickly and safely as possible.

Reviewed by LOS expert June Stark, this video with CD-ROM uses "right way" and "wrong way" scenarios to deliver helpful, practical, how-to strategies to:

  • Ensure each case meets medical necessity requirements
  • Communicate effectively with physicians and the care team
  • Facilitate appropriate patient discharge
  • Coordinate patient care needs

Learning objectives include:

  • Demonstrate the correct manner to discuss discharge with patients.
  • Identify at least five pieces of patient information that need to be shared across departments.
  • Justify patient discharge with he or she no longer meets medical necessity.
  • Discuss appropriate and timely care plans with patients and physicians.
  • Evaluate the necessity of medical tests to determine if they can be performed on an outpatient basis.


Length:  22 Minutes